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I.M.C.F - Indian 'Movie Critics' Forum --- is a stage set for Movie Critics (We mean, every Movie goer) who would like to share their views with others, in the form of their Reviews!

In general, any particular Critic or Website team would rate a film based on the whole output. Of course, final output and the feel it generates is what anyone would consider! But in I.M.C.F, we would like to go into detail on all or most of the fields related to a Movie.

As we all know, a Movie is always comprised of a lot of teamwork being put in from various people working in various fields, like Direction, Production Values, Story or Plot, selection of Cast and their Performances, Music and Background scores, Cinematography, Editing and Screenplay along with Dialogues! So, we cannot just rate a movie based solely on a Poor story or Amateur directorial skills!

So, at I.M.C.F, we consider all the fields related to that movie and then provide a final rating out of 100 points. So, our ratings might vary with other websites, but in short a Movie with:
  • 10 - 49 Points  --- Certainly a waste of time! Has got nothing to note!
  • 50 - 59 Points  --- [55 - 0.5; 57 - 0.75 and so on] we do not Recommend to watch
  • 60 - 69 Points  --- [64 - 1.5; 69 - 2.00 and so on] A poor film and the choice of viewing, is left to viewer
  • 70 - 79 Points  --- [71 - 2.0; 80 - 3.00 and so on] An about average film. Likeliness may vary from viewer to viewer 
  • 80 - 89 Points  --- [82 - 3.25; 88 - 3.75 and so on] A good flick with some good entertainment ready to be served
  • 90 - 100 Points --- [93 - 4.25; 96 - 4.5 and so on] A definite entertainer! Shouldn't be missed at an any cost!
** Though we try to be liberal while giving ratings, even we might err sometimes. Kindly note that it should be a mistake or personal view, but not anything in particular towards anyone out there.

The I.M.C.F home page will have the 'New Releases' and 'Coming Soon' movies. For earlier movies, you can go through the archives!

At I.M.C.F, the following rules are followed by Critics:
1) No offensive language will be used.
2) Will always speak in English and try to ignore regional languages.
3) Will be loyal to complete Film industry, than to a particular Hero or Film franchise.
4) Will be a good examiner and try to approve every Film and Film maker.
5) Will justify everything we say. Won't give favorable ratings to anyone.

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